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monday to friday clouds

DSC6628 3 monday to friday clouds

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Alghero, Sardinia

The old town of Alghero and the summer resort are the perfect set for a holiday and the place were to start a fabulous Sardinian adventure. The area of today’s Alghero has been settled since pre-historic times. The so-called Ozieri culture was present here in the 4th millennium BC.

DSC06153 Alghero, SardiniaDSC6135 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06065 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06069 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06070 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06075 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06076 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06078 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06081 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06082 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06085 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06086 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06098 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06103 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06109 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06145 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06147 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06148 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06150 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06151 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06152 Alghero, Sardinia
DSC06156 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06157 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06159 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06392 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06393 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06403 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06406 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06409 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06413 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06415 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06416 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06426 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06428 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06433 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06435 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06522 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06532 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06538 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06539 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06567 Alghero, Sardinia DSC06569 Alghero, Sardinia

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Capo Caccia

Capo Caccia is an imposing limestone promontory located at the north-west coast of Sardinia , overlooking the bay of Alghero , and the other limestone promontory of Alghero contains the great gulf of Porto Conte. The road from Alghero to Capo Caccia is also famous amoug road bike riders. I’ve recorded the ride here on Strava.

DSC06166 Capo Caccia DSC06167 Capo Caccia DSC06173 Capo Caccia DSC06174 Capo Caccia DSC06175 Capo Caccia DSC06176 Capo Caccia DSC06183 Capo Caccia DSC06185 Capo Caccia DSC06188 Capo Caccia DSC06191 Capo Caccia
DSC06207 Capo Caccia DSC06248 Capo Caccia DSC06250 Capo Caccia
DSC06252 Capo Caccia DSC06269 Capo Caccia DSC06270 Capo Caccia DSC06272 Capo Caccia DSC06275 Capo Caccia DSC06277 Capo Caccia DSC06279 Capo Caccia DSC06280 Capo Caccia DSC06286 Capo Caccia DSC06290 Capo Caccia DSC06294 Capo Caccia DSC06295 Capo Caccia DSC06296 Capo Caccia DSC06297 Capo Caccia DSC06298 Capo Caccia DSC06299 Capo Caccia DSC06300 Capo Caccia DSC06301 Capo Caccia DSC06302 Capo Caccia DSC06304 Capo Caccia DSC06309 Capo Caccia

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Neptune’s Grotto

Neptune’s Grotto (Grotta di Nettuno) is a stalactite cave near the town of Alghero on the island of Sardinia, Italy. The entrance to the grotto lies only around a metre above the sea level at the foot of the 110-metre-high Capo Caccia cliffs and the cave can therefore only be visited when the waters below are calm. A stairway cut into the cliff in 1954, the 654-step escala del cabirol (goat’s steps), leads from a car park at the top of the cliff down to the entrance. The grotto is also accessible via a short boat trip from the port of Alghero. 

DSC62261 Neptunes Grotto DSC62271 Neptunes Grotto DSC62401 Neptunes Grotto DSC062061 Neptunes Grotto DSC06214 Neptunes Grotto DSC062511 Neptunes Grotto DSC06262 Neptunes Grotto DSC06264 Neptunes Grotto DSC06265 Neptunes Grotto DSC06268 Neptunes Grotto

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Cycling Alghero and Bosa

Cycling from Alghero to Bosa and back was the best ride of my life. 90 km of climbs and descents on the Sardinian West Cost in the company of the most amazing panoramas. I’ve recorded the ride here on Strava. I rented a road bike from a local shop in Alghero and off I went on a great adventure. The road from Alghero to Bosa was a stage in the Giro D’Italia in 2013. Ran out of water after 20 km of climbing so that made the last 20 km to Bosa pretty hard to take in but the whole experience was mind blowing and I’ll do it all over again.

DSC06310 Cycling Alghero and Bosa IMG 0097 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06377 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06355 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06356 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06354 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06353 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06350 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06335 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06336 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06338 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06337 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06349 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06358 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06334 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06333 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06331 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06329 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06326 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06328 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06325 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06323 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06322 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06321 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06320 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06319 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06318 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06316 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06315 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06313 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06312 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06311 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06375 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06374 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06373 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06371 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06370 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06368 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06367 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06364 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06362 Cycling Alghero and Bosa DSC06359 Cycling Alghero and Bosa

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Road Grand Prix Valcea

Locul II la categorie la Road Grand Prix Valcea. Pentru mine a fost o Eroica RGP cu adevarat, dupa ce a intrat in mine din plin un ciclist concurent, am reusit sa o termin cu roata spate infranata si dureri de dureri in genunchi. Fabulos concurs, fabulos traseu. Felicitari organizatorilor! Multumesc Coach Marc multumesc echipei KTM Cyling Team.

photo 2 Road Grand Prix Valcea photo 1 Road Grand Prix Valcea DSCN1577 Road Grand Prix Valcea 10628056 10203961634314311 6591707209325762680 n Road Grand Prix Valcea 10621021 682904351780518 785061062 n Road Grand Prix Valcea 1 Road Grand Prix Valcea

Credite foto: Mona PopandronAlex AnduAlexievici Andreea 

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Geiger MTB Challenge

Locul II, Geiger MTB Challenge, 25 km, incepatori. Mi-am dorit un podium la Geiger si atat am reusit. Concursul asta mi se pare ca iti defineste perfect nivelul la care esti si te ambitioneaza sa vrei mai mult la urmatorul. Asta e nivelul meu. Sunt o biata incepatoare care vrea mai mult. Multumesc echipei KTM Cycling Team si felicitari colegilor pentru perfomantele de la turele de 50 si 100 km!

10305045 322689207900521 8154041496260034097 n Geiger MTB Challenge 10604719 841598865853341 6274092860859713272 o Geiger MTB Challenge DSC05457 Geiger MTB Challenge IMG 9943 Geiger MTB Challenge IMG 9945 Geiger MTB Challenge IMG 9977 Geiger MTB Challenge

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Road Grand Prix Criterium

Road Grand Prix Criterium Bucuresti, al doilea concurs de sosea, locul IV la categorie.

15763 911891805492218 6055705726372032055 n Road Grand Prix Criterium 10452889 488390794596664 6213543036730170685 o Road Grand Prix Criterium 10453083 10152618251962500 5002155380383263814 o Road Grand Prix Criterium 10454948 10152618250482500 8778289438629441289 o Road Grand Prix Criterium 10497276 10152618255402500 126617550893713921 o Road Grand Prix Criterium 10547894 1482641158644911 6509928269547098096 o Road Grand Prix Criterium 10556509 911888492159216 6135576880794130490 n Road Grand Prix Criterium 10580702 10152618248977500 2938584089266039149 o Road Grand Prix Criterium 10606446 911898145491584 6262765070495842609 n Road Grand Prix Criterium 14692276668 36a7ef3d7c o Road Grand Prix Criterium 14692320290 5b83a17280 k Road Grand Prix Criterium 14692409939 5c9a815551 o Road Grand Prix Criterium 14855897286 d1803cf65e o Road Grand Prix Criterium 14876603284 44fd11727d o Road Grand Prix Criterium 14879208365 3afd2cd3cc o Road Grand Prix Criterium

 Credit foto: 2eyesCatalin ChituMarius ZamfirAlex Andu

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monday to friday clouds / bucharest

DSC05365 monday to friday clouds / bucharest

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