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Tescani: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Tescani is a remote village in Bacau County and a beautiful ride to George Enescuu`s Museum. It will take you through 30 km and a few short and beautiful climbs.


Varbila: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Varbila is a short but fun climb in Prahova Country. To get to it one must get to Ploiesti and follow the strava route below. 

CĂȚĂRAREA Podu Ursului

Podu Ursului: CycleRomania*The Road Collection. Podu Ursului is a remote village in Prahova County, Romania. Podu Ursului is also the hardest climb I`ve done so far and probably the best there is in Romania. It has only 1 km and up to 14%. To get 


Malu Roșu: CycleRomania*The Road Collection. Malu Rosu comes in a package with Ceptura: a perfect climb and a perfect descent. Both are villages from Prahova County, a short drive from Bucharest. Malu Rosu climb has 2 km with an average 8%. The descent has a 

CĂȚĂRAREA Muntele Verde

CĂȚĂRAREA Muntele Verde

Muntele Verde: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Muntele Verde or The Green Mountain is, belived or not, a green mountain! Well, more of  a big green stone that looks like a tiny green mountain. Anyways, its a fabulous over 2 kilometres climb with twists and turns at