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CĂȚĂRAREA Pietriceaua

Pietriceaua: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Pietriceaua is a fabulous village in Prahova County, Romania. It`s as rustic as it gets. To ride to it one my pass through a roller coaster of climbs and descends. 


Ceahlau: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Ceahlau Mountain, also known as The Holy Mountain, will be your host on this great 50 km ride from Bicaz to Ceahlau Village. It will amaze you at every turn and show itself his 1000 faces. Top that with Lake Izvorul 


Varbila: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Varbila is a short but fun climb in Prahova Country. To get to it one must get to Ploiesti and follow the strava route below. 

CĂȚĂRAREA Podu Ursului

Podu Ursului: CycleRomania*The Road Collection. Podu Ursului is a remote village in Prahova County, Romania. Podu Ursului is also the hardest climb I`ve done so far and probably the best there is in Romania. It has only 1 km and up to 14%. To get 

CĂȚĂRAREA Marginea Pădurii

CĂȚĂRAREA Marginea Pădurii

Cycle Romania*The Road Collection: Marginea Padurii, a remote village in Prahova County with a fabulous 2 km climb with 10% average. To get to it one has to climb and descend through beautiful Toscana like panoramas.

Cățărarea Transbucegi

Cățărarea Transbucegi

Transbucegi: CycleRomania*The Road Collection. O preafabuloasa tura pe care tineam de mult sa o fac, am incercat si in martie 2014, pe am facut-o in 4×4 pe vremurile cand nu era asfaltat pe sus. Plus tura din 2017.