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Cățărarea Cislău

Cățărarea Cislău

Cislău: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. A fabulous road ride with some spicy offroad in Prahova County, Romania.

Cățărarea Enisala

Enisala:Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. The Enisala Fortress (often referred to as Heracleea Fortress) is a 12th to 14th century medieval fortress sitting high on a hill overlooking Lake Razim (Razelm) and a vast field of reed grass and water channels, in Tulcea County, Romania. 

Cățărarea Haleș

Haleș: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. One must enjoy this route in Buzau Country and the magical forrest with it`s amazing autumn colors:

Cățărarea Poenari

Poenari: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Poenari: A lovely and rustic climb and a must if one is ever to explore the beautiful Cimpulung Muscel City. 

Cățărarea Transalpina Nord

Transalpina North: CycleRomania*The Road Collection. I rode the south site of Transalpina in 2015 (here) and had to go back for the North side. They are both as amazing and challenging. Be aware this is for the bravest cyclists out there. But if one takes 

Cățărarea Voina

Voina: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. One lovely climb to Voina Hut and by the Rausor Lake. One must take it while in the lovely city of Campulung. My climb started at 600m altitude and ended 18 km later at 1000m. After comes the descent. What 

Cățărarea Chiojdu

Chiojdu: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Chiojdu is the name of the village from were this fabulous short but hard climb starts. It has only 1 km length with an average 13%. The route I picked had 50 km through Prahova and Buzau Counties.   

CĂȚĂRAREA Pietriceaua

Pietriceaua: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Pietriceaua is a fabulous village in Prahova County, Romania. It`s as rustic as it gets. To ride to it one my pass through a roller coaster of climbs and descends. 

CĂȚĂRAREA Predeal – Rucăr

Predeal, Rucar: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. There are two sides to this fabulous route through the Rucar-Bran Pass: from Predeal to Campulung, from Campulung to Predeal. I cycled the first in 2015 when I started my Road Collection. You can see it … here… Either way 


Toplita: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. From Borsec to Toplita, in the Middle of The Carpathian Mountains, one can enjoy this ride with a beautiful twisted road and a 11% average climb.


Tescani: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Tescani is a remote village in Bacau County and a beautiful ride to George Enescuu`s Museum. It will take you through 30 km and a few short and beautiful climbs.


Varbila: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Varbila is a short but fun climb in Prahova Country. To get to it one must get to Ploiesti and follow the strava route below. 

CĂȚĂRAREA Podu Ursului

Podu Ursului: CycleRomania*The Road Collection. Podu Ursului is a remote village in Prahova County, Romania. Podu Ursului is also the hardest climb I`ve done so far and probably the best there is in Romania. It has only 1 km and up to 14%. To get 

Trasee MTB Romania – Bolboci

Bolboci: Cycle Romania*The MTB Collection. To Bolboci Lake and back from Glod Village. A short and refreshing mountain bike ride that one must take in winter time.