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Cățărarea Cislău

Cățărarea Cislău

Cislău: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. A fabulous road ride with some spicy offroad in Prahova County, Romania.

Cățărarea Enisala

Enisala:Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. The Enisala Fortress (often referred to as Heracleea Fortress) is a 12th to 14th century medieval fortress sitting high on a hill overlooking Lake Razim (Razelm) and a vast field of reed grass and water channels, in Tulcea County, Romania. 

Cățărarea Haleș

Haleș: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. One must enjoy this route in Buzau Country and the magical forrest with it`s amazing autumn colors:

Cățărarea Poenari

Poenari: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection. Poenari: A lovely and rustic climb and a must if one is ever to explore the beautiful Cimpulung Muscel City. 

Cățărarea Transalpina Nord

Transalpina North: CycleRomania*The Road Collection. I rode the south site of Transalpina in 2015 (here) and had to go back for the North side. They are both as amazing and challenging. Be aware this is for the bravest cyclists out there. But if one takes