Predeal, Rucar: Cycle Romania*The Road Collection


There are two sides to this fabulous route through the Rucar-Bran Pass: from Predeal to Campulung, from Campulung to Predeal. I cycled the first in 2015 when I started my Road Collection. You can see it … here… Either way the 90 km route is as fabulous from both directions. Best to take the train from Bucharest to Predeal and pick a perfect autumn day to make sure you take your time and admire nature in its beauty. 


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Take a virtual journey following these photos below taken with my iPhone 5.

img_5083 img_5084 img_5089 img_5090 img_5098 img_5107 img_5109 img_5110 img_5116 img_5117 img_5118 img_5119 img_5120 img_5121 img_5126 img_5128 img_5129 img_5131 img_5148 img_5150 img_5153 img_5156

The route:


The Strava Stuff: