Malu Rosu: CycleRomania*The Road Collection

Malu Rosu comes in a package with Ceptura: a perfect climb and a perfect descent. Both are villages from Prahova County, a short drive from Bucharest. Malu Rosu climb has 2 km with an average 8%. The descent has a delicious 7 km length. To get to them one must drive from Bucharest to Urlati, Prahova.


(c) Florin Oncescu


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Take a virtual journey following these photos below taken with my Samsung Galaxy A3.

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My riding partners: 7 fabulous girls: Oana, Gabriela, Claudia, Lulutu, Andreea, Alina; and 4 brave boys who spent most of their ride taking photos of  for us, girls: Florin, Mihai, Florin, Sorin.


 (c) Florin Oncescu

And some Strava stuff:

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